1 Sep Asset Resilience In Practice: A Case Study on Environmental Containment

Posted at 10:07 in Flood Resilience, Resilience

In this article I’ll be talking you through one of our projects – this time concerning an NHS clinic in Oxfordshire. As you can see from the images below, this particular site housed an un-bunded heating oil tank. While technically a double skinned tank that did not require bunding according to the relevant legislation, the […]

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3 Jan How UK Wide Learning Is Changing the Effectiveness of PPM

Posted at 9:49 in Flood Resilience, Resilience

Recently I’ve been focusing much of my attention on the UK’s rather alarming vulnerabilities to climate change, flooding and other environmental risks. I have also been very vocal about the key role I feel data should play in our reactions to these growing risks, as well as a much-needed rethink of our current efforts to […]

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