Defence FM Specialist

10 Apr How Defence FM’s can drive savings and compliance across assets

Posted at 10:12 in Defence, Resilience

Think of the fundamental assets of an air force, naval or army base and you are likely to think of the obvious – fighter jets, vessels, ships, and armoured vehicles. Ask Henry Simpson, Director at Defence FM specialist Adler & Allan, and his response is rather different. From experience, Henry knows that the critical infrastructure […]

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Maintenance checks being conducted on an aircraft

19 Mar Why Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Is Key In The Defence Sector

Posted at 15:16 in Resilience

From the extensive damage to the Oroville Dam’s emergency spillway, to the UK’s vulnerability to flooding incidents, the past few years have provided us all with countless reminders of just how important PPM is to resilience. However, as important as PPM is in addressing infrastructural weakness and vulnerable assets, the dangers presented through poor maintenance […]

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1 Sep Asset Resilience In Practice: A Case Study on Environmental Containment

Posted at 10:07 in Flood Resilience, Resilience

In this article I’ll be talking you through one of our projects – this time concerning an NHS clinic in Oxfordshire. As you can see from the images below, this particular site housed an un-bunded heating oil tank. While technically a double skinned tank that did not require bunding according to the relevant legislation, the […]

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2 Feb Valuing Assets in a Time of Regulatory, Environmental and Economic Uncertainty

Posted at 15:55 in Resilience

Uncertainty has always had a role to play in the business world. Take a look at any financial market and you’ll see that peaks and troughs are just as natural, necessary and inevitable as the fall of any seemingly untouchable empire throughout history. However, even with this in mind, it is clear that we’re living […]

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3 Jan How UK Wide Learning Is Changing the Effectiveness of PPM

Posted at 9:49 in Flood Resilience, Resilience

Recently I’ve been focusing much of my attention on the UK’s rather alarming vulnerabilities to climate change, flooding and other environmental risks. I have also been very vocal about the key role I feel data should play in our reactions to these growing risks, as well as a much-needed rethink of our current efforts to […]

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20 Oct Using IoT To Counter Evolving Business Risk

Posted at 15:39 in Resilience

Last month I found some interesting research by PwC that explored the role of data in decision making and how this varies within specific industries. Surprisingly, the research found insurance and asset management to be at either sides of the spectrum, despite their reliance on accurately predicting and identifying risk. Even more surprising was the […]

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16 Aug Asset Management Decision Making Is Falling Way Behind Other Sectors in Times of Uncertainty

Posted at 9:50 in Resilience

Identifying, managing and mitigating risk is a fundamental part of effective asset management. And with UK infrastructure poorly equipped to cope with today’s uncertainty and evolving flood risks, the importance of risk mitigation has never been quite so pronounced. We’re currently in the midst of a unique (albeit sobering) time where irreversible increases in flood frequency […]

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1 Jul Antifragility and Resilience – Key Lessons From The Airline Industry

Posted at 9:05 in Resilience

Whether organisational, psychological, operational or on a asset-specific level, a fundamental part of what separates resilience from regular risk mitigation is the ability to evolve following disruptive events. It makes perfect sense. We’re living in a world where political instability has significant impacts on entire economies, where new start-ups can threaten established players, and where […]

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