Cathodic Corrosion Protection, designed to prevent leaks and corrosion on metallic assets

Cathodic Corrosion Protection

Adler & Allan’s corrosion protection division provides specialist services and expertise in the application of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP), Sacrificial Anode Systems, and surge prevention.

Designed to safeguard critical assets and infrastructure, Cathodic Protection prevents leaks and corrosion on metallic assets that come into contact with sea, groundwater, and rivers. Where leaks and corrosion do occur, pollution, environmental clean-up, repairs, and replacement on industrial installations are often the result, incurring needless costs for the parties involved.

(Cathodic Protection) Ageing Metal Infrastructure

Asset and infrastructure deterioration has always been a challenge for business. When assets fail and infrastructure shows its age, the results are usually costly to say the least, seeing companies face considerable regulatory fines, funding cuts, reputational damages, and disruptions to service.

Covering feasibility studies, engineering design, installation, commissioning and maintenance, our specialist Cathodic Protection service mitigates these risks, delivering the most cost effective solution available. The service is ideal for a range of sectors, including Defence, oil and petrochemical companies, ports and jetties, water authorities, and government organisations.

Industry-leading corrosion protection from Adler & Allan

Our team of qualified cathodic protection engineers provide a specialist corrosion protection service, which covers feasibility studies, engineering design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Cathodic Protection from Adler & Allan will help prevent corrosion and breakdown, while increasing the service life of metallic assets.

  • Cost effective designs to minimise the expenses involved in environmental clean-up and plant repair
  • Safeguards against corrosion and provides additional asset protection
  • Pipeline conditions monitored, using Close Interval Potential Surveys (CIPS) and Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) survey methods, providing accurate
  • PS for low protection locations and damage along any given pipeline
  • Careful consideration of river crossings and other areas where corrosion can be more aggressive, causing increased risks of leaks
  • Test facilities installed at regular intervals
  • The installation of Surge Arrestors and Isolation Flange Kits to ensure isolation between the cathodic protection system, above ground pipework and grounding mats to ensure protection is achieve
  • World leading expertise in consultancy, engineering and design, available separately or as part of a complete package
  • Ongoing maintenance contracts, whether Cathodic Protection has been installed by Adler & Allan or a third party

Maintenance contracts for optimum effectiveness

Regular maintenance will ensure Cathodic Protection systems remain reliable throughout their service life. If a system is neglected, a fault may go unnoticed until a serious corrosion problem occurs. A maintenance contract with Adler & Allan guarantees that the system is thoroughly examined and tested by qualified corrosion engineers at agreed intervals. We can offer maintenance contracts as a standalone service, even if Adler & Allan were not the original suppliers.

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Specialist Defence Infrastructure Services

Our services ensure serviceability, extend asset life, and minimise downtime.

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