MARS – Maintenance and Repair System

MARS interactive mapping

Adler & Allan (A&A) can provide a fully comprehensive asset management database which would allow our clients to locate and find information on any asset across their estate in real- time. One of the key features is an interactive mapping system, on which assets can be over laid. Hovering over the individual assets will then provide the user with that assets specific detail such as the following detail:

  • Tier III Data – Hot Pit Outlets
  • Site Name
  • Common Name
  • Facility / building Number
  • Product
  • Last Hydrostatic Test / calibration
  • Comments

This provides main asset information, i.e. “a fuel tank” as well as lists all sub assets such as valves, gauges, pumps etc., giving make / model.

The MARS program assists in managing service orders and recurring maintenance efforts for other federal contracts, including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

MARS allows the leadership teams around the world to use a singular system to manage their portion of cost tracking and service and task order status, including delivery tracking and scheduling coordination with subcontractors. This integrated approach enables them to stay abreast of the repairs and maintenance from start to completion.

MARS is a comprehensive tool that brings an extensive local, national, and global presence and contractor network to a team’s fingertips, ensuring efficient delivery and service completion. Every service order through MARS contains a list of the parts and equipment needed for completion so that construction contractors can easily find where to access them.

Through MARS, project managers are able to track repairs by facility, repair type, date, service order number, severity level, Sub-contractor or by keyword search. MARS also helps track costs by generating Contract Line Item Number reports, which sort task order and service order numbers.

The system key benefits are:

  • View data securely online using our web based platform
  • Receive alarms when tanks are getting empty
  • Increase delivery volumes and reduce part load returns
  • Improved customer service
  • Initiate proactive delivery scheduling
  • Detect theft and leaks
  • Provide an audit trail.

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