Non Destructive Testing services, Suitable when using tanks for storage of fuels and other substances

Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Non Destructive Testing services for tanks

Adler & Allan provides Non Destructive Testing (NDT) services for tanks. NDT is the process of inspecting, testing, or evaluating materials without destroying their serviceability. Suitable for any business that relies on tanks for storage of fuels and other substances, NDT is used to ensure the quality of materials and joining processes during fabrication, and continuing integrity once in-service.

For tanks, NDT is used to test the structure of walls and floors, weld strength, roof supports and tank thickness, ensuring tanks are in good working order, while identifying any issues that may cause problems such as pollution. By identifying issues quickly, costly replacements and business downtime can be prevented.

Delivered by our experienced team, NDT can be carried out on assets either in or out-of-service with the results presented in a clear and comprehensive report, approved by engineering authorities. We inspect to EEMUA 159 standard through our in-house certified inspectors and use visual inspection techniques – the only UK company to utilise ropes – as well as the latest MFL, ultrasonic and magnetic particle surveys.

Adler & Allan’s Non Destructive Testing services cover the following areas:

  • Internal inspection of vertical and horizontal tanks and also buried tanks.
  • MFL floor scanning surveys
  • Ultrasonic plate thickness surveys
  • Magnetic particle inspection of welds
  • Rope access surveys of roof supporting trusses
  • Eddy current examination
  • Vacuum box examinations of welds
  • External inspection of vertical and horizontal tanks
  • Rope access surveys and functions
  • Visual inspection of welds, including shell welds via ropes
  • Ultrasonic thickness surveys of shell, nozzles, roof and other tank features

Adler & Allan’s Non Destructive Testing supports its general tank services, which include tank installation, maintenance, cleaning and removal. 

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